Phil Hersch on Czisny’s Four Continents “snub”

I had heard some rumors about Alissa Czisny’s reaction to being left off of the US Four Continents team. Phil Hersch has information on this from Czisny herself:

Phil Hersch: “How U.S. Figure Skating snubbed Czisny”

Czisny’s being left off of the team was not the only USFSA Four Continents’ decision in question; why did Richard Dornbush, who sadly totally bombed his short at Nationals and finished 13th there, get to go to 4C in Jeremy Abbott’s place? By the way, Dornbush finished, you guessed it, 13th at 4C.

There is a complicated rule for choosing 4C skaters; the operative phrase here is “extenuating circumstances”, I guess:

“The team will be selected from those athletes who are ISU senior age eligible.  Selection to the U.S. Four Continents Team will be based upon the results of the two most recent U.S. Figure Skating Championships, the most recent World Championship, the most recent Four Continents Championship and all other international events; however, the International Committee may consider extenuating circumstances.”

By this rule, Czisny had it all over both Caroline Zhang and Agnes Zawadzki, but was the USFSA looking for youth here over experience (by “experience”, I mean being 24 years old, which is considered by some to be ancient in ladies’ singles)? Hmmm…

And, while I’m asking questions, why is the competition called Four Continents? Shouldn’t it be called Five Continents? There were competitors at the 2012 4C from North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Just sayin’.


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