Jennifer Kirk’s blog, The Skating Lesson

Former US National medalist Jennifer Kirk has written about her struggles with perfection, bulemia and alcohol in heartbreaking detail in her blog The Skating Lesson. Her blog should be required reading for skating coaches, parents, and young skaters. Here is the link to the post detailing why she retired from skating:
“The Unrealized Dream” by Jennifer Kirk


Shpilband fired; Boston to host 2014 US Nationals

Shocking news out of Canton, Michigan; Igor Shpilband has been fired by the Arctic Figure Skating Club. The Detroit Free Press has had several articles about the firing. According to the articles, Shpilband and his coaching partner Marina Zoueva have not always seen eye-to-eye.

The June 3rd article also quoted Arctic Edge Ice Rink GM Craig O’Neill as saying, “There was (sic) a lot of issues. This has been going on for a couple of months. He’s not focused with the kids. What it came down to was  the kids didn’t want to skate there (in Canton) anymore with Igor. Either they were leaving or Igor was leaving.”

There was a comment on this same June 3rd article by Jacqui White (presumably Charlie’s mother), essentially saying that the skaters had nothing to do with the firing, but that comment appears to have been taken down as of today. The Freep had an article today stating that Davis/White and Shibutani/Shibutani will stay in Canton under Zoueva’s tutelage; no word yet from Virtue/Moir. Despite overtures from Russian figure skating, Shpilband has said that he wants to remain in Michigan, and will presumably look for another rink. I suspect news about this firing will continue to come out over the next several weeks.

Detroit Free Press links to articles about Igor Shpilband


Boston, Massachusetts will be the site of the 2014 US Figure Skating Championships, to be held January 5-12, 2014. Boston was chosen over St. Paul, MN and Greensboro, NC.  2014 is, of course, an Olympic year.

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