The blogosphere vs. the Twitterverse

You might have noticed that I have not posted anything on this blog in some time, in spite of the fact that much has gone on in the world of figure skating. The Olympics (and its wonky judging), Worlds, Cinquanta’s more-than-usual idiocy, Meryl and Charlie on DWTS, and more have passed without a word from me. That is not strictly true, however–I have become enamored with Twitter. Before I started to use Twitter, I thought it was yet another outlet for the navel-gazers of the world. You know what I mean–“This is what I had for dinner”, “Look at the funny face my cat made”, “Here is how much my baby has changed since literally yesterday”. But Twitter is also a great place to share an interest like figure skating. I get the latest news virtually immediately, or at least as often as I check my feed. Twitter, unlike Facebook, also allows you to interact with celebrities (in my case, skaters) more. Yes, you can look at someone’s FB page even if they’ve not friended you, but on Twitter, you don’t need to be someone’s friend to send something to them and perhaps have them favorite it, retweet it, or even reply directly to you. Also, Twitter shows you ALL the tweets of the people you follow, not just selected ones like FB does.

I do enjoy writing “longform” occasionally, but not enough to keep a blog truly active. There are some skating blogs out there that are really good, like Ryan Stevens’ Is That A Skateguard In Your Pocket Or Are You Happy To See Me? (don’t let the name discourage you; it’s an excellent blog) and Kelli Lawrence’s State of the Skate , among others.

If you would like to stay up on all the breaking skating news, please join me on Twitter @sk8maven , or read my feed in this sidebar.

One more thing: please sign one or both of the current petitions on (here or here) that call for Octavio Cinquanta’s ouster and rejection of his current proposals to the ISU. He has done nothing but drive figure skating into the ground, and his latest call to abolish the short program is lunacy. SPEEDY’S GOT TO GO.