About sk8maven

sk8maven is Terese from suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. I have watched figure skating forever, but it was 1988’s “Battle of the Brians” in Calgary that made me want to know what I was watching. So I bought John Misha Petkevich’s Figure Skating:Championship Techniques and listened to Dick Button’s skating commentary to learn the difference between a flip and a Lutz. Soon I wanted to see a real skating competition in person. I didn’t know anyone who had my love of figure skating to quite the same degree (the internet was not yet in widespread household use), so I went with a tour group to the 1994 U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit. Yes, that is the very same competition where Nancy Kerrigan got whacked on the leg. I had the very good fortune to meet a wonderful group of skating fans, and we have stayed in touch and traveled to skating competitions together ever since. Our group has expanded by a few dedicated fans since 1994, including a wonderful woman from New Zealand. OTHOS, I love you!

I took skating lessons as an adult for several years, and it makes me even more amazed by what an elite skater can do.


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